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Have you ever played and enjoyed planet jump orbit games? If yes, download the app Orbitals, and this free orbit jump app will surely keep you entertained and amused with its fun and amazing dynamics on your mobile screen.

How to play the game?

The game plan is extremely easy but difficult to mater. There are different orbits and there is a dot like planet. You have to trip the dot-planet jumping from one orbit to another. This unending jumper game gets more challenging because each of these orbits are moving and you have to balance the planet every time at the right direction in order to reach the next orbit.

One wrong jump and the planet will be lost in dark world of cosmos: delay in tripping, the orbit jumper game will get over. More accurately you can jump from one orbit to another, and you will score more and get to alive in the game.

Here the planet is a dot, each orbit a circle, and you have to make the planet jump from orbit to another to be the pro-orbital.

The features of the game:

Besides amazing fun and thrill of jumping frenzy, there are some other entertaining features:

• The game is presented by a simple and comprehensive user interface,
• You can start the game from user interface by tapping the play button,
• You can play the game alone, offline, unless you access leaderboard,
• You can access leaderboard and play the game with other multiple online players,
• You can share the link of the game Orbital in your social networking sites,
• There is scope to complete all achievement levels to be a leader in this Orbital game.
• There is provision for in-app purchase,
• You can upgrade your app by removing advertisements integrated in the game play.

Download the game Orbital and start playing its jumping dynamics; it is easy to learn but extremely challenging to master. Not only fun and thrill, playing the game Orbital will improve your reflex and natural motor skill as well.


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